Monday, 16 July 2012

Think Pink

-dress/topshop, cardigan/zara, belt/h&m-

I've given up all hope of summer.  Today it's blustering wind coupled with heavy rain and a haze that is covering much of the hills which are usually seen clearly from the windows of my house (may I take this opportunity to remind you it is July - Height of the British summer!).  It's been like this for what seems like forever.  So, like I said, I've given up all hope, but I'm not going to allow the lack of hot sunshine get me down.  From what I hear, most countries around the world are suffering too.  Is this a rumour to make us Brits feel better?  If so, I think it's working!

This is the kind of weather that makes me want to curl up under my bed covers, pull on really thick clothing and lie with the curtains wide open to make me fully appreciate the fact I have a roof over my head.  That usually means a wasted day though, and with my work getting more and more intense, everyday that I have off is precious time that needs to be spent wisely.

I woke this morning with the desire to climb straight back to bed and not move, but I fought this urge and pulled myself together.  To lift my mood I wore a simple grey dress with a bright pink cardigan.  I don't often wear bright colours and have to be very selective with how I style this pink item as it's surprisingly easy for me to resemble Barbie with my light blonde hair.  I also wore this outfit with a pair of black tights, partly because it's horrible weather but also because I've become very clumsy these past few days and have managed to accessorise my legs with scratches and bruises - clearly I've lost all spacial awareness.

I hope the weather wherever you are isn't too bad.  If it is, then look on the bright-side, at least we're not alone.


Thursday, 5 July 2012


This little blue jacket from Zara will be arriving at my house tomorrow.  I'm excited!


Monday, 2 July 2012

You're Pants

Or rather, in this case, my pants.  My absolutely wonderful sister won these knickers recently, and rather than keeping them for herself (as most people would - me, most likely included) she donated the prize to me.  Don't I have the best family?  It's a slightly bizarre thing for me to post on here, but oh what the hell!  Their really well made and I think they deserve a mention - this coming from someone who has been known to shed out a small fortune on expensive undergarments.  Uno sent over pieces from all the brands that are on offer including: Honeydew, Bawbags and Foxers. 

Thanks sister and thanks Uno.  Check them out at Uno Underwear


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Top What?

I have my daily routines, just like everyone else.  One of these routines is to check Topshops 'New In' page everyday.  It's a weird thing to have as part of my daily doings, but it's one that makes me happy.  I know pretty much all the products on their website as though I'm a crazed fan.  I must admit, I sort of am.  I can walk into a Topshop store anywhere and instantly I feel like I'm home.

Yesterday, when making my way through the latest additions I saw these 'Adios' boots.  I got ridiculously excited!  But then I was faced with a dilemma... Which colour?  My head became frazzled by the options (Please note: I love choices but hate decisions), so I'm allowing my subconscious mind to make the decision whilst I carry on with life.  I'm leaning towards the brown studs and plain black.  Which would you go for?


Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Second Shot at Long Hair

About this time two years ago, I was sitting in my hairdressers chair.  When he asked what I wanted him to do with my long natural blonde hair (without any fear) I said "do whatever you want".  He cut my hair short, into a very slight graduated bob that sat just below my ears and, for the very first time, coloured my hair a lighter shade of blonde.

I had just broken up with my best friend and my hair was beginning to look dull and life-less at the age of eighteen.  I needed a change, I needed to see a different person in the mirror.  I woke up every morning and was bored with the reflection I saw.  I needed a fresh start.

I kept it short for about a year and a half.  I decided to start letting it grow back at the start of last summer.  I waited until the end of august and then started moving my hair appointments further apart. I would allow my hair to grow back on my own terms, leading it to the healthiest it has ever been.  The months of not going to my hairdresser were quite grim, my hair looked pretty awful for a couple of months.  I went through some terrible bouts of extreme dryness and still find myself battling against it.

Nowadays, to keep it healthy I'm using 'Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner' then smoothing in some 'Moroccanoil Oil' after towel drying.  I'm also letting it dry mostly naturally and going for a trim and re-colour every eight weeks.

I'm happy with the way my hair has grown and feel like I'm learning new ways to style it.  It's been an crazy roller-coaster and right now, I'm on a high.


Friday, 22 June 2012

Home and Away

I've been away this last week and had planned to keep you updated via Instagram and Twitter. Unfortunately a lack of signal on my phone has left it virtually impossible to communicate with the wider world. I'm in the very wet Northen Ireland, spending my week running around with sleep deprivation (I'm shattered!) and unable to get my usual super uplifting coffee. But still, I'm planning to spend my weekend seeing the sights and spending time with my sister before flying home. I'll try and update my Instagram and Twitter over my remaining days here - my twitter is @isobelle_zee and my Instagram is @isobelle_zee. Hope you guys have a had a good week.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Running the Track

-  all by nike -

Is anyone else mad about trainers?  I'm sure that I'm not the only one.  I haven't acted on my madness yet, but find myself admiring their form every time I see them.  Above all else, I've got Nike High Top Blazers in my mind.  The last time I wore high tops I was 12, and haven't found myself thinking about them since, until recently that is.  I blame Isabel Marant, I'm pretty sure she started it.  Only problem is, I prefer the mens colours rather than the womens, then again, maybe I'm not looking hard enough...

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cold as Ice

- shorts & top / zara -

I hastily bought these mint leopard print shorts from Zara.  Usually when I buy something with haste and not much thought I either return it or it sits in my wardrobe unworn for months (I know, very bad!).  I decided I was going to return them, but after trying them on again today, I realised if I sent them packing I would regret it (potentially) forever - can't have that!  It was this combo that saved them.  Teamed with another Zara purchase - a chunky knitted vest which comes right up to the collar bone.

I'm gonna be wearing these babies day and night, just you try and stop me!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Grey Days

-top / topshop, jeans / zara, ring / monica vinader-

Here's an outfit I wore recently.  The jeans are a very light pink, rather than the white that they appear in this photo.  I wore them with one of my favourite jumpers - a very thin grey knit from Topshop, and one of my Monica Vinader rings.  Perfect for the not quite warm, but not very cold weather.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Dressing Up Dressing Down

-dress & shirt/asos-

Do you ever have those days where you look inside your wardrobe & can't seem to find anything that fits the day you have planned ahead?  I have those days, & today was no exception.  I often find myself trying on dresses that I know I won't wear that day.  Almost an hour I'll spend rifling through my possessions to see if I can breathe new life into my old loves.  I enjoy the creativity of it and it also helps me figure out what I'm missing in my wardrobe.  

I ended up playing with this red leopard print dress from ASOS & after my hour of trying it with various jumpers, cardigans, jackets, belts, necklaces, tops & tights I ended happily content with the image above.  After all that I replaced my clothes to their hangers & wore another dress - I told you I knew I wouldn't wear it that day, it doesn't suit the day I have planned ahead (a lazy day...).  I hope you're all enjoying your weekend.

Friday, 25 May 2012

You're a Star, You Really Are

This is my latest desire.  How very simple.  Gold on silver - not something I'd always be the first in the queue for.  Mathias Chaize has made this in such perfect tones, that I almost forgot I'm not too keen on this unusual colour combination.

Either way, this necklace has been added to my wish list and I plan to purchase it next week. I can't wait!

Sunday, 20 May 2012


-jacket, dress & trousers / tibi-

I've always been a fan of leopard print - even more so when it's styled well.  This Tibi cheetah print is on the next level for me, it looks so clean and effortless.  I can imagine introducing each of these pieces into my everyday life - certainly the jacket and trousers. 
The price tag is a little too high for my piggy bank, but a girl can dream.  If you've already done the saving then hop over to for a better look.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


-necklaces / tom binns-

Lately I've been on the look out for the 'perfect' sparkly necklace.  I came across Tom Binns at the weekend - a pair of his earrings caught my eye in a magazine.  Curiosity brought me to his website where I immediately forgot about the earrings & found all my attention focused instead on these necklaces.  Each Swarovski crystal is hand-painted in bright colours.  An impressive eye-catching collection that leaves me dreaming of the summer months ahead.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Recent Purchases

-shorts / vero moda, shirt / asos, dress shoes & necklace / Topshop-

Ok, so I was off to a great start with my blog by successfully neglecting it.  Sorry.  If it makes it any better I'm back & plan to be more caring of it in future.

Anyway.  Here is a few of my purchases from the last few weeks & I can't tell you how thrilled I am with them.  My favourite of all is the elephant print shirt - a very simple white shirt with a scattering of several blackened elephant silhouettes.  I've been looking for the perfect shirt for a while & I think I may have found it.  It can be worn dressed up or down which is how I like the items in wardrobe to be.

I stick to boots throughout the winter & grab my flats when the warmth of summer arrives (which is seemingly delayed here in England).  These studded Topshop slippers have been waiting in my shoe collection for weeks anticipating their first outing.  The sunshine decided to pay a brief visit at the weekend, so I took them out for a spin & my oh my, they are mighty fine - I actually couldn't stop starring at my feet!

I have fallen head over heels for that blue & gold beauty above - yes, I'm talking about the necklace.  I'm quite obsessed by short necklaces at the moment and this one is fitting in my collection nicely.

Grey, grey, grey.  I pretty much always wear grey - it's my fail safe.  So I bought even more.  Such a cute basic dress - something I lack in my wardrobe!

Then there's the shorts from Vero Moda.  The colour, the print, the shape.  Ahh, I can't wait for the opportunity to slip on these beauties!

Monday, 19 March 2012

My Obession

-feather bracelet / alex monroe, moonstone bracelet / monica vinader, key pendant / vintage-

I've always loved jewellery.  As a child I would dash straight to my mothers jewellery box the moment her back was turned, just hoping that day would be the day my fingers were adult enough for the rings to stay on.  Growing older, I've spent countless hours admiring the creativity that comes from jewellery. From the people who layer it on with enviable style, to those who wear delicate, barely there pieces, that breathe a cool understated style.  I admire the designers, who's creations are the result of a seed of inspiration and days, weeks or months of hard work.

Jewellery is a part of me, not for its expense but for its wonder and charm.  A piece doesn't need a big price tag to attract my attention - I have plastic, wood, metal, thread, silver and gold included in my vast collection that continues to grow.  If ever my friends lose me whilst out shopping, they will always find me entranced in the depths of silver and gold, and when I have a few spare minutes I find myself lusting over photos or researching my favourite jewellery designers.

These are just three of the favourites in my collection.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hello Hello

After years of consideration, here it is, my blog. 

I'm a lover of style, design, music, and most of all, a lover of life. I see the glass as half full, and I can't wait to fill it even more...