Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Second Shot at Long Hair

About this time two years ago, I was sitting in my hairdressers chair.  When he asked what I wanted him to do with my long natural blonde hair (without any fear) I said "do whatever you want".  He cut my hair short, into a very slight graduated bob that sat just below my ears and, for the very first time, coloured my hair a lighter shade of blonde.

I had just broken up with my best friend and my hair was beginning to look dull and life-less at the age of eighteen.  I needed a change, I needed to see a different person in the mirror.  I woke up every morning and was bored with the reflection I saw.  I needed a fresh start.

I kept it short for about a year and a half.  I decided to start letting it grow back at the start of last summer.  I waited until the end of august and then started moving my hair appointments further apart. I would allow my hair to grow back on my own terms, leading it to the healthiest it has ever been.  The months of not going to my hairdresser were quite grim, my hair looked pretty awful for a couple of months.  I went through some terrible bouts of extreme dryness and still find myself battling against it.

Nowadays, to keep it healthy I'm using 'Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner' then smoothing in some 'Moroccanoil Oil' after towel drying.  I'm also letting it dry mostly naturally and going for a trim and re-colour every eight weeks.

I'm happy with the way my hair has grown and feel like I'm learning new ways to style it.  It's been an crazy roller-coaster and right now, I'm on a high.