Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cold as Ice

- shorts & top / zara -

I hastily bought these mint leopard print shorts from Zara.  Usually when I buy something with haste and not much thought I either return it or it sits in my wardrobe unworn for months (I know, very bad!).  I decided I was going to return them, but after trying them on again today, I realised if I sent them packing I would regret it (potentially) forever - can't have that!  It was this combo that saved them.  Teamed with another Zara purchase - a chunky knitted vest which comes right up to the collar bone.

I'm gonna be wearing these babies day and night, just you try and stop me!


  1. omg I love these shorts!! Going to be hitting Zara this weekend!!

    also following you would love a follow back!

  2. Even I like them sis! You know me, I hate the mark of the leopard parading up and down the street. <3