Sunday, 1 July 2012

Top What?

I have my daily routines, just like everyone else.  One of these routines is to check Topshops 'New In' page everyday.  It's a weird thing to have as part of my daily doings, but it's one that makes me happy.  I know pretty much all the products on their website as though I'm a crazed fan.  I must admit, I sort of am.  I can walk into a Topshop store anywhere and instantly I feel like I'm home.

Yesterday, when making my way through the latest additions I saw these 'Adios' boots.  I got ridiculously excited!  But then I was faced with a dilemma... Which colour?  My head became frazzled by the options (Please note: I love choices but hate decisions), so I'm allowing my subconscious mind to make the decision whilst I carry on with life.  I'm leaning towards the brown studs and plain black.  Which would you go for?


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