Monday, 19 March 2012

My Obession

-feather bracelet / alex monroe, moonstone bracelet / monica vinader, key pendant / vintage-

I've always loved jewellery.  As a child I would dash straight to my mothers jewellery box the moment her back was turned, just hoping that day would be the day my fingers were adult enough for the rings to stay on.  Growing older, I've spent countless hours admiring the creativity that comes from jewellery. From the people who layer it on with enviable style, to those who wear delicate, barely there pieces, that breathe a cool understated style.  I admire the designers, who's creations are the result of a seed of inspiration and days, weeks or months of hard work.

Jewellery is a part of me, not for its expense but for its wonder and charm.  A piece doesn't need a big price tag to attract my attention - I have plastic, wood, metal, thread, silver and gold included in my vast collection that continues to grow.  If ever my friends lose me whilst out shopping, they will always find me entranced in the depths of silver and gold, and when I have a few spare minutes I find myself lusting over photos or researching my favourite jewellery designers.

These are just three of the favourites in my collection.

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