Monday, 16 July 2012

Think Pink

-dress/topshop, cardigan/zara, belt/h&m-

I've given up all hope of summer.  Today it's blustering wind coupled with heavy rain and a haze that is covering much of the hills which are usually seen clearly from the windows of my house (may I take this opportunity to remind you it is July - Height of the British summer!).  It's been like this for what seems like forever.  So, like I said, I've given up all hope, but I'm not going to allow the lack of hot sunshine get me down.  From what I hear, most countries around the world are suffering too.  Is this a rumour to make us Brits feel better?  If so, I think it's working!

This is the kind of weather that makes me want to curl up under my bed covers, pull on really thick clothing and lie with the curtains wide open to make me fully appreciate the fact I have a roof over my head.  That usually means a wasted day though, and with my work getting more and more intense, everyday that I have off is precious time that needs to be spent wisely.

I woke this morning with the desire to climb straight back to bed and not move, but I fought this urge and pulled myself together.  To lift my mood I wore a simple grey dress with a bright pink cardigan.  I don't often wear bright colours and have to be very selective with how I style this pink item as it's surprisingly easy for me to resemble Barbie with my light blonde hair.  I also wore this outfit with a pair of black tights, partly because it's horrible weather but also because I've become very clumsy these past few days and have managed to accessorise my legs with scratches and bruises - clearly I've lost all spacial awareness.

I hope the weather wherever you are isn't too bad.  If it is, then look on the bright-side, at least we're not alone.



  1. Hey Isz, you can look forward to a scorcher this weekend. Summer is making a brief appearance (so they say) for a little bit. Nearly 30c. Better get those legs in tip top condition. We had sun in London yesterday, your not in the right part of the world, quite clearly.